Purpose Built Learning Environment

Our students deserve the best, and so we’re building exciting new facilities!

Creatively, collaboration and excellence will be nurtured in our new three storey contemporary and purpose built learning and recreational spaces.

In the Diocese of Parramatta the approach to the design of schools and classrooms is focused on student wellbeing and learning. Schools are designed to be safe, welcoming and friendly. Children learn differently at each stage of their lives so this is considered in our planning and design, as well as the best way for a teacher to deliver that learning for each age group.

Flexible learning spaces support tailored delivery of learning for the individual child, small groups of children and when larger groups are together. One classroom can be used in many different ways and even the furniture is carefully selected so that the right pieces can be easily moved around and used for different purposes.

A smart approach to school and classroom design includes lighting, ventilation, access to outside spaces, the right level of technology and even floor coverings.

Kindergarten children sit on the floor a lot, so carpet with a thick soft underlay supports their learning.

Senior students will have chairs and tables on wheels that are easily moved as they work in different project groups, and share their learning with each other. Their floor coverings are harder so the wheels don’t get stuck!

All classrooms will have spaces where children can demonstrate their learning, an important skill they develop for use throughout their lives.

Multiple spaces support students to share learning with just a few other people, a large group of their classmates or even their parents.

This level of attention to detail ensures that each new space is truly providing the ultimate learning environment for each child.

Our Resources and Facilities

At Our Lady Queen of Peace Primary our students learn in a 21 Century learning environment where our resources and facilities include:


  • a large, well-resourced library and a number of shared learning spaces
  • shaded play areas, as well as grassed areas for play
  • basketball/netball courts
  • On-site before and after school care


  • a special grassed area for Kindergarten (with playground equipment)
  • a large range of sports equipment
  • musical instruments.


  • Desktop and laptop computers and iPads for learning
  • Video/audio equipment, including digital cameras, interactive whiteboards and smart TVs for collaboration and demonstrating learning
  • Fully networked environment using both cable and wireless technology.

Our Lady Queen of Peace Primary is the perfect place to learn

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