Science and Technology

Science and Technology aims to develop students’ wonder and curiosity about their world.

This area of learning also gives students opportunities to learn about natural and man-made environments by engaging in scientific and technological activity. Students investigate, design, make and use technology.

Science and Technology aims to develop understanding and skills to enable students to:

  • work scientifically
  • work technologically
  • learn about natural and made environments

Computers enrich the educational environment of all students and support the achievement of quality in education. They are now an integral part of our Australian society. Computers are used to assist students in many areas, including acquiring basic literacy and numeracy skills. With appropriate software and teacher guidance computers promote a co-operative approach to problem solving.

We recognise that computers can be used by teachers to promote the active involvement and engagement of students in their own learning. We presently have a large supply of computers & laptops (which includes both Mac and PC platforms) and iPads. The school is fully networked using both cable and wireless technology. The students have access to a data projector, digital cameras, video cameras and scanners. Each learning area has interactive whiteboards.

Students also have supervised access to the internet. All students must have a parent permission note to use the internet and agree to our Acceptable User Policy.

Selecting Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic Primary will give your child the best opportunity to develop academically, spiritually and socially in partnership with Catholic education.

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